Ros Hommerson


What sizes/width’s does Ros Hommerson offer?

Can you forward me a catalog?

Of course! You can see our current catalog HERE!

Can you add me to a mailing list?

You can sign up for our newsletter by submitting your e-mail address below! There is a "Sign up for our newsletter!" form at the bottom of every one of our pages.

What Size Shoe Should I Purchase?

Just like clothing, shoe sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. At Ros Hommerson, we base our sizes on the Brannock Device available in most shoe stores. To get the best possible fit, we recommend having your foot measured by a reputable shoe store before ordering any one of our Ros Hommerson shoes. 

How do I make a return?

Information regarding returns can be found on our "Consumer Return Policy" web page.

What are the shipping costs?

If you would like to know more about how we calculate our shipping costs, you can visit our "All About Shipping" web page.